Monday, February 24, 2014

Thwarting the Polar Vortex

So this crazy weather hasn't gotten any better. Whenever there is a day or two of relief with temperatures of -5 and up (yes I consider -5 to be more than tolerable), it seems to dip right back down. When going out and about, I'm finding it difficult to look put together while staying warm and recognizing I'm choosing warmth over fashion. I looked to style websites to see if they offered any ideas on how to look cute and stylish while simultaneously keeping warm. I did find a ton of suggestions, but we either have two different definitions of freezing or they are totally delusional! They show examples of stylish trendsetters, layered up, but most outfits I wouldn't dare to don unless I was looking to get frostbite. Sheer pantyhose, oxfords, fingerless gloves and unzipped coats look cool but will have you feeling cold!

I pressed on and found some realistic examples to follow when you don't want to subject your favourite shoes to snow and keep your limbs warm! 

Exhibit A:
When it's cold and wet out, the pumps have no place in the snow. When wearing a bulkier, waterproof boot, keep your bottom half simple by wearing a black skinny jean so you elongate the leg as much as possible, without looking frumpy. Her toes don't look like they will be wet or cold any time soon!

When it's just freezing outside and you know you wont be running through slush, the most important things are the little things! Add gloves, a hat, and a scarf. However, your saving grace is the thing you probably underestimate and overlook: Long underwear! Wool tights or thermal long underwear for your top and bottom are the perfect base for laying. You may look like cat woman under your clothes but at least you'll stay nice and toasty. Here are some ideas on how to layer and keep warm, yet maintain a stylish appearance. 

Exhibit B: 
Slap a hat and some gloves on her, zip up her coat and she is good to go! Loose pants allow long thermal underwear to fit nicely underneath without feeling uncomfortable. You can find thermal long underwear at sport shops since winter sports require extra warmth.

Exhibit C:
She may be missing her coat, but an oversized boyfriend coat would fit nicely over her outfit and still go with the aesthetic of the look. Belting a chunky sweater adds shape so it doesn't look frumpy, and the ankle-grazing skirt is like wearing a blanket that allows for a lot of long underwear layering if you should feel inclined!  

Exhibit D:
Here we have a great example of 'I'm probably freezing but I'll sacrifice for the photo.' But I am not deterred! Button up her coat and add a warm pair of gloves and she is good to be outside for more than a minute or two! Layering a shirt with a long sweater is the perfect solution to keeping your tush warm. Her straight leg jeans are loose enough to comfortably fit the cold-inducing-long underwear. She looks pretty chic to me! 

The cold is here to stay for now, and while it is, so is my style. Take that polar vortex!

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